Make your event a memorable one with a set of custom made trophies.   Since we assemble on-site, every order is custom made to your specs - any size, lots of colours and the engraving is always FREE.  Make each on unique with the recipient's name and the logo of the league or event.  You don't have to settle for those impersonal, "generic" trophies, reflect the true quality of your event with some top quality awards.

The diversity of our plaque line is astounding. From small laminated plaques in various colours & styles to grand shields made from the finest hardwoods - we utilize a wide range of engraving materials and the flexibility of our engravers to ensure each job is tailor made to your wishes.

The power and accuracy of our lasers are used to reproduce images of great detail.  Here we combined pictures from 3 different photographs to make the arrangement at the top.
Full colour sublimation is the latest addition to our continually expanding services.  This enables us to reproduce any graphic in photo-quality, full colour.  The clarity is amazing, it makes for a very high quality award.  We can also do some colour matches for logos for corporate recognition or name badges.

These cast figures are a recent addition to the awards industry.  The detail is excellent and the themes are constantly expanding to encompass new figures.

Cast acrylics have a very prestigious look to them. They come in a variety of shapes & sizes and we can customize them with engraving and by embedding items inside.

One of our more unique lines of awards utilizes the rugged elegance of stone.  The result is a very distinctive looking product that sets itself apart from the usual concept of trophies.  They look great on their own or to accent a larger trophy.



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