Awards & recognition: The roots of our business are set in the awards industry.  In this highly competitive business, the benchmark for survival is Quality.  We manufacture all of our products on site to ensure quality and timely delivery.  Whether you require thousands of awards for an entire league or one custom creation to recognize excellence, we can build to suit your needs.  Our product line is constantly evolving.  We build everything from the classic looking cups & trophies, to more contemporary creations utilizing the latest products, such as resins, acrylics and full colour sublimation.
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Mating the power of today's computers, with the precision and flexibility of our engravers, gives us the capability of very high definition and the ability to handle large volume orders.  We utilize both mechanical and laser technology for our engraving systems.  This not only increases the potential for large volume orders, but also opens avenues such as engraving on glassware and engraving images such as photographs.

Our list of engraveable materials is seemingly endless.  Metals such as aluminum, brass & stainless steel are available in many finishes, and the different varieties & colours of plastic and acrylics available is incredible.  However, all of the machinery and materials are useless, unless it is combined with the experience and the talents required to turn out a top quality product.

We also do wholesale engraving for other shops that don't have the resources to handle large jobs or the modern equipment to reproduce the wishes of their customers.  One plaque or thousands of trophy plates - give us a call, we can help.
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We carry an extensive line of giftware and promotional items, for every occasion.  Desk sets of fine woods or marble to recognize your top sale personnel, or pens, key tags & lapel pins for the "grab bags", everything can be personalized to your specifications.
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