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Signs have a simple purpose - get the message across effectively. Different situations however; have different requirements. Some situations rely heavily on graphics to convey the meaning, while others are text oriented, or a combination of the two. We stock a wide array of materials, in a spectrum of colours, from eye-grabbing neon to soft pastel tones. We also carry a complete line of holders, brackets and directory frames for your interior signage needs.

Sometimes the little things make all the difference. The corporate logo on this desk sign gives it a “custom” look. We have a good selection of holders & brackets for many applications.

Electrical contractors, machinery manufacturers, maintenance departments, our customer base is very diverse. They all have the same requirements though - high quality, effective products that reflect the pride they put into their work

Labels, labels & more labels!! Any size, any colour, any shape, materials that range from ultra-thin, invisible vinyl that clings to your windows to aluminum plates that can be engraved for machinery specs. Whether you’re looking for a couple, or a whole whack of labels, we can tailor-make your order to your requirements.



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